Forget the movies this Summer! I’d rather read these books!

I’m chomping at the bit, trying my best to be patient, but each day seems to drag along (and I can’t entirely blame the Casey Anthony trial).  Earlier this year, I discovered that I loved yet another urban fantasy author, Andrea Cremer. She definitely targets a YA market, but at the ripe age of 32, I was still sucked into her debut novel, Nightshade, and the ending left me breathless…and I won’t be catching my breath until Wolfsbane, the sequel, comes out on July 26. Thank you Andrea, for your amazing imagination and if there’s a third book in this series, please don’t keep us waiting too long.

Then, there’s not one, but TWO books coming out in August by the wonderfully talentedand beautiful, Richelle Mead. I’ve loved her since the moment I read all six books in her Vampire Academy series, five books so far in her Georgina Kincaid Succubus series, and three books in her Dark Swan series. They’re all great! If you haven’t read them, I encourage you to start now! If you’re like me and you’ve already gone through all of those books, then you’re anxiously waiting for Bloodlines, the first spin-off book from Vampire Academy.  Bloodlines is scheduled to debut on August 23rd.  

On August 30th, Succubus Revealed, the sixth and final installment for Georgina Kincaid’s series will be available. Whew!  Big hugs to Richelle for keeping her fans entertained and happy!


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