Crimson Groves – Paperback Copy – Available Now!!

Perfect timing for the Holidays! Crimson Groves is available now in paperback (Kindle version coming soon). What a perfect gift for that vampire loving lady in your life (or for yourself).

Intense, heart-gripping, with a twist of romance.

Twenty-one year old, Abigail Tate, just caught her boyfriend cheating on her—with her best friend. Now Abby’s pushed everyone who cares about her away…until the day Bronx Granger walks into her life. Miraculously, he busts through her guard and sweeps her off her feet, but by the time she lands back on the ground, she is dead—literally. Abby awakes to discover she’s a vampire and Bronx—the undead who turned her—is holding her prisoner. There’s finally an opportunity to escape, only it’s not with the terms she expected. An innocent human has offered to help her—but it’s forbidden among vampires to interact with innocents.




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