10 Things You May Not Have Known About Me

Written exclusively for Liss at The Reader Lines

10. I have a small case of OCD, where I constantly can’t remember if I unplugged my hair styler (flatiron, curling iron, or hair dryer) and yes, for some crazy reason they must be unplugged, not just turned off.

9. My sister is my hair stylist and I think she does an amazing job. Whenever we fight, my first worry is if she’ll cancel my hair appointment. Love you, Allison. 

8. I grew up on a 92-acre farm/orange grove, and we had horses, cows, a pig named Arnold, and bees that we got our honey from. When I was in middle school, they filmed part of the movie, My Girl, on the property and I met MaCaulay Culkin, Anna Chlumsky, Dan Aykroyd, And Jamie Lee Curtis. I also got to skip school for that entire week!

7. A few years after getting my real-estate license at 18 years-old, I dropped out of college and became a top-producing realtor in the southwest Orlando area.

6. I’m a huge “wino” and my favorites seem to be medium- to full-bodied cabernets, merlots, and Meritages. I prefer to drink my wine chilled—not at room temperature—and when dining out, I’m guilty of adding ice to cool it down.

5. I’m a native central Floridian—born in Lake County and currently residing in Orange County—mere minutes from the famed theme parks (Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld).

4. In 2008 I published my very first book, Life Through Poetry, which is a compilation of some of my favorite poems and songs that I wrote throughout my life. The next book I published was my debut paranormal romance novel, Crimson Groves, in November 2011.

3. I’m a proud stepmother to an amazing seven-year-old little boy, Cayman. And I have three furry children—Isis (white lab), Gage (bull dog), and Phoebe (Himalayan cat).

2. I’m a huge romantic at heart and I’m madly in love with my husband (and best friend) Baron. We’ve been together a little over six years, married for three.

1. I’m very committed to eating healthy and exercising daily. I have a home gym where I mix weight training with high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and I create lots of healthy recipes to keep me sane. This fall, I created a Fall Fat Blaster series with weekly challenges to help others get in their best shape before the Holidays. All of this can be found on my website: in addition to beauty tips & tricks, and wine ratings.


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