Vampires Are Here To Stay!

Written exclusively for Full Moon Bites

By Ashley Robertson

“If your manuscript has the word vampire in it, I don’t want to see it!” was the theme of the 2011 San Francisco Writers Convention, which of course totally threw me for a loop because that’s exactly what my debut novel, Crimson Groves, was—a fresh twist on the sought-after undead that I thought we couldn’t get enough of. And even though most of the workshops I attended discouraged anything and everything vampire, I held in my disappointment, jotted down as many helpful notes about writing, building a social platform, how to get an agent, etc., as I could, and then, at the end of a long, butt-busting day, I returned to my hotel room in tears. “How could this be?” I demanded of my husband, who had come to San Francisco as my support system, handling his own business affairs while I attended the five-day convention. Unfortunately he didn’t have an answer and was just as perplexed as me. 

Vampires have been around for as long as I can remember and they surely don’t seem to be leaving us anytime soon, yet why do most of the literary agencies seem to disagree? Does their disinterest have anything to do with the Twilight saga, assuming people would be burned out on yet another story either about vampires or with vamps in it? I can only guess, since I’m no literary agent, but with all the new books, movies, and shows coming out about vampires including Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (novel turned movie), a hugely popular new season of True Blood—with over 10 million “likes” on its Facebook fan page (and novel turned into an HBO series)—Vampire Diaries (another novel turned TV series), and Laurell K. Hamilton’s Kiss the Dead just recently rated #1 on The New York Times Best Seller list, it seems proof enough to me that the agents were dead wrong.  

My obsession with urban fantasy and paranormal romance is imbedded inside the deepest parts of my mind where there are preternatural beings fighting their way to the forefront, willing me to tell their story. And if you’re a writer like me, then you understand that if you don’t listen to your characters, then they will torment you. So instead of paying attention to all the literary agencies that insisted that vampires were out, I ignored their warning and moved forward with my second novel and new release, UnGuarded. And though my protagonist in this mature YA/urban fantasy/paranormal thriller is a guardian angel who can shift into human form at will, she not only loves her best friend and human charge, Caitlyn, but she’s also madly—and blindly—in love with Cole, a vampire she’s forbidden to be with. Add it to your Good Reads shelf now!

And to further rebel against the notion of an anti-vampire world, I’m currently working on Crimson Rain, the sequel to Crimson Groves (book #2 of The Crimson Series). I’m an experienced freelance writer (AKA indie author), and all my works are professionally edited with meticulous attention to detail, story, plot, characters, etc., and I promise my novels will appeal to all who love urban fantasy and paranormal thrillers. Check out my ratings on Good Reads here: 

I genuinely appreciate every one of my fans, and all the amazing support I’ve received from the wonderful book reviewers/bloggers, without whom I’d be nowhere. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

Stop on by my blog and check out some of the new features I’ve added, including a “review” section: (signed copies of my books will be available soon through my website as well—so stay tuned!).


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