Beating The Heat With A Book

Written exclusively for Cynthia Shepp Book Reviews

This is one of my shorter guest blog posts; sorry to those who prefer my more lengthy ramblings. **chuckles

The best way for me to beat the heat is by sitting indoors with my fingers typing away on my laptop, working on my next novel. For the first summer in all of my native central Floridian life, I’m not trying to escape the Sunshine State—I’m doing quite the opposite actually. Usually the heat and humidity is more brutal than I can tolerate during the summertime months, but when I look at the weather map of the country and see that Florida is actually cooler than most other places, not only am I shocked, but I’m actually glad to be in Florida. What is going on with our world? Most of the northern states don’t even have air-conditioning, as cooler climates are expected during their summers. My hubby and I have been known to flee from our home in Orlando to visit places like LA, Boston, and Montreal to cool down. But now I’m more motivated to camp out at home, in the comfort of my overworked air-conditioning.

So even if you’re not a writer, then you’re at least a reader if you’re reading this blog post. How are you staying cool? Perhaps reading a book in the most comfortable room of your home? I know a lot of us have kids to care for, but with my little guy being in camp for the summer, it frees me up to not only finish my next book, but also allows me to continue building more blogationships with all the amazing authors, book bloggers and reviewers, and readers out there. Because every author knows that without those dedicated book lovers, our writing careers would be nowhere. And while we pray for a cold front to bring us relief from the heat, I’m also thanking God for this amazing opportunity to connect with some of the “coolest” people I’ve ever met. Come visit me at my website. I’d love to connect with you: or find me on these social media outlets:!/AshleyR0bertson

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