Confessions of a Vampire: Where it all went wrong for Abby Tate

Written exclusively for Gina’s Library

9780615531762_FrontCoverI should’ve been more wary when that gorgeous man headed my way—the ambitious look in his dark eyes should’ve told me this guy was nothing but trouble. The saying “trust your instincts” should have been all the warning I needed when my stomach clenched, giving me a gut feeling about this stranger’s presence. Something was wrong, I’d felt it down to the marrow of my bones, and yet it wasn’t enough to quench my newly formed curiosity. He perched his butt on one of the empty barstools and I all but pounced his way, too eager to find out who he was and why he was here. The Beacon was known for catering to a stuffier crowd—men wearing suits and women all dressed up with too much makeup and bad perfume. So it was rather odd to see this younger-looking man with designer jeans and a stylish button-up shirt sitting across the bar from a couple of my regulars. Perhaps it was nerves, but I found it difficult to meet his eyes at first, which only later I’d discover were his deadly weapon. But once I raised my head and met his dark gaze, all my worries seemed so silly and they evaporated from my mind.

His face was a creamy perfection that bordered on something that could only be described as ghostly, but a sexy-as-hell ghostly, not the scary poltergeist kind. His hair was either dark brown or maybe it was black—the dim lighting in the bar made it difficult for me to be sure, but it didn’t prevent me from noticing how soft it looked, a silkiness I wanted to run my fingers through. For a moment I was able to shake off that ridiculous thought, which I mentally scolded myself for, and then I offered him a smile and introduced myself. The corners of his plump lips curled into a grin and I felt heat flush my cheeks. His head cocked to the side, his lips now forming a smirk (he’d obviously seen me blush!), and then he proceeded to tell me his name was Bronx Granger. Though a little gruff, his voice had a melodic sound and I was instantly back to obsessing over how amazing he was. The way his eyes seemed to pull me inside him felt unnatural, yet I couldn’t look away. I was completely transfixed by him.

The rest of my shift was a blur. I chatted it up with the mystery man, barely keeping my regulars happy, until it was time to close up. Bronx mentioned meeting me later, but when I noticed his seat was suddenly empty, I couldn’t help but feel a little disheartened that he’d never said good-bye. He’d never even mentioned where I was supposed to meet him. I finished closing up, still a little unnerved, but finally some relief was setting in. Meeting some random guy in a bar had not been on the top of my list of things to do, so he’d actually done me a favor by getting lost. However, my new confidence was short-lived because once I started walking home, Bronx appeared out of nowhere. It startled me at first, but it wasn’t long before I felt comfortable with the sexy stranger all over again, and before I knew it, he was walking me home.

Only we never went back to my house. There had been a few moments of clarity where those instinctive feelings kicked out their warnings, but something had always pushed them away as soon as they’d come, relaxing my mind and easing me deeper into my situation with Bronx. He’d brought me to his place and I was sitting in his living room as I waited for him to bring me a drink. What the hell was I doing here? Who was this freaking guy? But my concerns were drowned out by a much stronger need to be right where I was…with him. Later, I’d learn about his ability of persuasion—“mind control” would perhaps be a better way to describe it—and how he’d used it to lure me into his world…a world where vampires existed. Consumed by never-ending cravings for blood and an endless supply of willing human blood donors. And now I’m a monster just like them.

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