Crimson Groves Q&A

with Identity Discovery


1. Did Bronx have something to do with John cheating on Abby and Abby’s alienation from people before he turned her? No, he didn’t. John and Mandy’s affair only made it that much easier for Bronx to spring into action. The more isolated Abby allowed herself to get, the less anyone would miss her when she was gone.

2. Why didn’t Bronx actually try to woo Abby and convince her to willingly become a vampire? I guess there were several ways Bronx could have gone about his plan of turning Abby into a vampire with his ability of persuasion being so much stronger than most other vampires. He actually did woo her from the moment she laid eyes on him, using his mind-controlling gift to ultimately lure her back to his place, but during the process, Abby snapped out of her trance and tried to fight him off. In the end, though, it didn’t take much effort for Bronx to win the struggle and finish what he’d started.

3. How did Brian know that Abby was Conrad’s daughter? Regardless of the secrecy the sorceress had wanted for her daughter, Conrad still opened up to his friend Brian. When Abby shows up at Brian’s donor bar by chance, he instantly recognizes the similarities between his old friend and his mysterious new customer. But a strange confrontation unsettles Abby and she flees.

4. Is it possible for Abby to have children based on her family history? Great question. (smiles) Abby’s mother was a very powerful sorceress and she was also 100% human. Predicting her own death and wanting desperately to preserve her bloodline, the sorceress used a great amount of magic so the vampire she loved (Conrad) could father her child. Abby was born human with her mother’s bloodline lying dormant within her, but when Bronx forcefully turned her into a vampire, the sorceress’ power in Abby’s veins was awakened, making her a very powerful, whole new hybrid species. Perhaps if Abby could learn all of her mother’s magic and find a way to be more human than vampire, the possibility of having her own child may actually become a reality.

5. If Tyler keeps drinking vampire blood, will he turn even without dying? No, he won’t. For Tyler to become a vampire, Abby would have to drain him of all his blood, then replenish him with some of hers. His first drink from a human would solidify the change. Since Abby is only giving him small amounts of her blood, Tyler is reaping the benefits of a vampire’s speed, strength, agility, and heightened senses without actually becoming one. After a few days—and if he doesn’t ingest any more vamp blood—the enhanced abilities will wear off and he’ll go back to his normal self.

6. What other stories do you have in the works at this time? (Shameless plug opportunity – wink) Due out in the winter of 2013, Crimson Flames (the sequel to Crimson Groves) will pick up right where we left Abby and her quest to learn more about the sorceress powers that were awakened inside her when she was turned into a vampire—making her a whole new hybrid species. There’s a group of rogue vamps banding together and forming a Resistance against the vampire governing body, The Head Council, and Abby’s newly discovered powers are the key to the Council’s victory. Now the Resistance will do anything possible to remove the hybrid threat, and with no other options, Abby is forced to rely on the aid of the Council, yet can she trust the very vampires that hunt for her human boyfriend? And even worse, can she fight the unwelcome attraction that’s growing between her and one of those ancient vampire rulers?

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