Crimson Series Vamps

written exclusively for Worlds of Wonderment

Fantasy-Books-PicturecopyVampires don’t seem to be creatures of the night any longer. Well, not all of them, but there are tons of newer vamps coming on the scene that are far from the Dracula image. From not being effected by the sun and getting all sparkly, to wearing rings that allow them to walk in the daylight, this is certainly one way the vampires of the Crimson series (CS) differ. Simply put, the sun hurts the vamps of CS, and during the day they must remain inside or hidden in the safety of shadows.

And that actually brings me to another way the CS vamps are different. They don’t sleep, don’t hang upside down, and they definitely don’t turn into bats. Though, aside from the sleep thing, I really don’t see a lot of other new age vamps doing those things either. Reflections are perfectly visible in mirrors and crosses don’t effect them. Also, silver and wooden stakes are a complete myth.

Now, where I see huge similarities are the advanced strength, speed, agility, and of course, a craving for blood. But in CS, humans actually want to be bitten—the bite of a vampire giving them an extreme euphoric high—and there are blood donor clubs with secret rooms where these “feedings” take place.

Unlike the other vamps of CS, Abby (the MC) isn’t just a vampire, born of a powerful sorceress who used a great amount of magic so the vampire she loved could father her child; Abby is the first, and only, hybrid to ever exist. Now, everyone wants her…either to align with them to rule the vampire race, or to remove the hybrid threat altogether by killing her. Unsure who to trust, Abby is forced to pick sides and fight for those she loves—and everything she believes in.

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