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Hey everyone. This is one of my favorite excerpts from Crimson Groves. I hope you enjoy it so much that you buy a copy of my book (if you haven’t already). Thanks to all who have already supported me by buying a copy of the book.

Where in the heck can you purchase a copy??
Currently Amazon is the best place to get one.

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Chapter 1 & 2 Sneak Peek Here!
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Here’s the excerpt I read in the video:

He licked his lips then closed them over mine and kissed me so hard, I whimpered. At first, I didn’t move, his passion consuming me and lighting me aflame with suppressed desire, my body spinning and immobile all at once as I struggled to form a coherent thought. Caution flared like a red light in my mind, but my body wanted the opposite—wanted to feel close, to kiss him back. His kisses grew rougher, his full lips pressing hard against my mouth, enticing me further with a slow, wet swipe of his tongue. Still I couldn’t pull away, I liked how it felt way too much. The muddled voice inside my head was being drowned out, taken over by a raging lust for him. Grabbing the back of his head, I pulled him closer, tangling my fingers in his hair as I finally surrendered.

Several blissful moments passed, head-lightening pleasure coursing through my body with the firm press of his fingers in my back. His tongue darted out again, and this time I parted my lips right away, allowing him access to come on inside and explore. His shuddered breaths tickled as he entered, and the hair on my nape rose. I let go of his hair, hands rushing down his neck, shoulders, and back, before pulling him closer with an aggressive tug. Then suddenly, the fear of being too rough and hurting him gripped my spine and I knew I needed to stop, we needed to stop. It couldn’t happen like this, not yet, not so soon. I let go, dropped my hands to my sides, and leaned back. He gaped at me, his eyes desperate and wanting. Shaking my head, overwhelmed by emotion, I looked away. My body was hot for him and it didn’t want to stop, but caution wouldn’t ease from my mind. Conflicted, I nibbled my bottom lip, now watching his face coming closer, his lips lowering towards mine in a slow, steady movement. But we couldn’t. We had to stop before things got out of control, so I threw out an arm to block him from coming any closer. “Please don’t,” a hoarse plea of words. “We can’t. This is happening so fast.”

A sudden heat slid through my veins at the way he stared at me with a determined gaze. He didn’t speak a word, and with the way his emotion shown in his beautiful green eyes, he didn’t have to. But I knew this couldn’t happen, not yet, not like this. Not when there were still so many unknowns. The worry of how the Head Council would react to me once they learned of my pyro still lingered in my mind, along with the fear of how they’d react to me loving a human. Loving a human? A mental war waged in my head as I stood there looking into the depths of his eyes, his unwavering gaze a mirror of the passion still simmering between us. And as I stared harder, I couldn’t help but wonder if somehow, in fact, I had fallen for him. After all, he’d been my savior from the beginning and I owed him everything for getting me away from Bronx. Bronx. Just thinking that name sent liquid ice down my spine. He was still out there, hunting me, and until my old captor was stopped once and for all, neither one of us were truly safe.

And then there was Lily, and if my suspicions were right—and I knew they were—then she desperately needed me to help her. I swallowed a lump of emotion in my throat as I realized I’d have to face Bronx, fight him and destroy him. All of a sudden, the night wasn’t looking so great anymore. Even using my amazing new power wouldn’t really guarantee my victory. Sure my gift of fire was unheard of, but he might have an advantage with his mind controlling ability.

With so many things still unresolved, was it possible to find love in the midst of it all? Love? It had to be lust, a sexual longing, a need to feel close during challenging times. Whatever I wanted to call it, it didn’t matter. My body still ached for him and from the way he looked at me; he wanted me just as bad, if not worse. The spark of emotion between us was growing too difficult to ignore and that meant the crossroad I’d come to was either completely opening up to Tyler or running away from him—right now. Which one would it be? Tick tock. My body would decide for me if I didn’t act fast. On a long swallow, I closed my eyes with resignation, then threw my arms around him, instantly resuming right where we’d left off. My decision was made at last, sealed by the way his lips were all over me, and it wasn’t just lust or love, but savage possession. And I reveled in it.

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