Author Chat with Literary Addicts

Today I talked with Mandie (who is such a sweetheart by the way) and we discussed my books that are currently available and the ones that will be releasing soon. If you’re writing your first book or seeking advice about what to do once you complete your manuscript, I share some tips that can help you get to the next step based on my experiences so far.

I’m also giving back in 2013.

Spending the last year soul searching the best way for me to be charitable (outside of money donations that I make on a regular basis), I think I finally came up with how I can help others. For some of you, it’s no secret that I am passionate about exercising and eating clean so that we can feel and look the best we can while enjoying a healthier life. So for a while, I was training people from my home gym, teaching them proper form and movement of each exercise while creating some challenging workouts that would push them to the next level of tightening their bodies and burning fat. But I found that the more people I took on, the less time I had to write.

Creating a blog/vlog was my solution.

That way I can still teach people how to get maximum benefits from their workouts AND go over healthy meal plan options that still taste delicious. There will be beauty tips too, and a section on some of my favorite wines. I’ll be launching this site in the late summer 2013 and it will be a non-profit as this is my way to pay it forward and help you.

Doing this video was tons of fun and I hope you all enjoy it 😉

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