Teaser from my upcoming novella—Death Dealer

I’m still working on the blurb, but I thought I’d go ahead and share a teaser to give you a taste of what this book will be about. 🙂 **content below is subject to change during editing. Enjoy!

The sudden drop in temperature pulled Mia’s full attention. She could hear claws scraping together and a shuffling of wings. It was closing in on them—fast. Mia closed her eyes and let her heightened senses open up, then thrust out her arm, the blade of her sword slicing into the softness of flesh. Instantly, a loud, agonizing shriek erupted. Her eyes shooting open, she honed in on her target, the black bird-like creature that stood about four feet high with beady eyes and sharp, wiry feathers. She’d sliced it across its exposed belly and black blood oozed from the wound.
The birdlike demon looked upward and released a deafening screech before turning its attention back to Mia, slowly rocking side-to-side, elongated talons scratching through the packed earth floor as if it was contemplating when to strike.
Mia knew her best chance at killing this scout demon was to be on the offensive and attack it first.
That way of thinking was before she heard a loud shuffle of wings and the scrape, scrape, scrape of claws in the not-too-far-off distance.
Mia mumbled a curse. More scouts were coming and it wasn’t in hers—or her grandmother’s—best interest to stick around and fight them all. “Grandma,” Mia spoke firmly without looking back at the old woman.
“Is that thing going to eat us…before I make it to heaven?” her grandmother’s voice was shaky and came from directly behind Mia.
“Not a chance in hell,” Mia answered right away.

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