Death Dealer Tour With IMR

IMRI’m super excited to get the tours started for Death Dealer. Lots of reviews, interviews, guest posts, and yes, even some giveaways 😀 This is my first time working with Tabby at IMR and so far she’s been wonderful. I always love participating in tours for my books because I get to meet so many amazing people along the way while spreading the news about my books. A couple more tours will be kicking off in August and I’ll be sure to post that info once I have everything together.

Here’s the schedule where you can follow along and there’s a chance to win an eCopy of Death Dealer at each stop!! So don’t miss your chance to win 😀

Monday July 23rd:
Toot’s Book Reviews

Tuesday July 24th:
Kaidan’s Seduction

Wednesday July 25th:
Buried Under Books

Thursday July 26th:
Hardcover Therapy
Northern Plunder

Friday July 29th:
Hook Me Up Book Blog

Friday July 30th:
Intriguing Reads
Dowie’s Place

Friday July 31st:
My Cozie Corner
SassyCat’s Books Review

Friday August 1st:
My Bookopolis
Deal Sharing Aunt
Darkmotive’s Books and More

Friday August 2nd:
Dalene’s Book Reviews


2 comments on “Death Dealer Tour With IMR

    • My first time working with Tabby and it’s been great so far. Two more tours in August. Lots of Guest Posts and Interviews with those. I also just wrote a guest post for Nose Graze and a poem for Anna’s Book Blog (Toxic Enigma). Let me know if you’d ever like me to do one on your blog. 🙂 xo

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