Toxic Enigma

The sun bleeds as heat is stolen from the core,
Toxic fumes from the intruder burst into the atmosphere of my heart,
Crimson tears fall like rain for those in the path of the monster,
I helplessly watch as it rips into their souls and tears them apart.
Pleading prayers with inaudible words,
Dreams stitched together with threads of hope,
A tsunami of emotions swirl,
Plunging forward, grip tightening around life’s rope,
Cutting into my tender flesh,
Pain oozes from a wound of repeated assaults,
But its unstoppable with its never ending abuse…
without remorse or taking fault.
Desperation swells inside a heart that’s grown bitter,
My body becomes numb as the venom of its actions spread,
Leaving a bad taste in my mouth that can’t be washed away,
An enigma that will forever thrash inside my head.

2 comments on “Toxic Enigma

    • I’ve been writing poems and songs since I was a kid. Love it. The dark ones, the light ones…all of them. I’m happy you enjoyed Toxic Enigma. All of my poems are glimpses inside me…experiences I’ve been through or currently going through.

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